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Mohammad Ali

Co-Founder, CTO

Rehan Khan

Co-Founder, CEO

Vedashree Raul

Creative Director

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Principles of our work

Customer Focus

Customer focus is our compass, guiding every decision and action. We prioritize understanding and exceeding customer needs, ensuring satisfaction, trust, and long-lasting partnerships.


Let's keep the conversation flowing! Your ideas, feedback, and questions are invaluable. Together, we create understanding, foster collaboration, and drive positive outcomes. Let's connect and thrive!

Complex Approach

Embrace the complexity with confidence. At Spectta InfoServices Pvt Ltd, we thrive on intricate challenges, employing a sophisticated approach to unlock innovative solutions and achieve remarkable outcomes.

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Join our team at Spectta InfoServices Pvt Ltd and embark on a journey of growth and opportunity. Together, let’s innovate, collaborate, and make a difference in the world of technology.